Hello, I am Eric Shell and I am a wood worker. I grew up in Upton, Wyoming amongst pine and juniper trees, so it is no surprise that I find inspiration in nature. Growing up in the West has influenced my aesthetic choices as a furniture designer and woodworker. Because I am a lover of great design I have been inspired by many schools of design, but Art Deco and Art Nouveau are two that have influenced me most. I like to take structured designs and blend them with natural materials to give my work a contemporary western flavor that will feel at home with many other styles of decor.

While my style is iconic of the West, I design furniture that is elegant, contemporary, well proportioned, and innovative. My pieces are hand crafted, made to last, and are unique; traits that have always been synonymous with the American West.

I use pieces of juniper harvested from the land around my home, and other hard and exotic woods, to make my one-of-a-kind pieces. I like to combine refined elements, such as hardwoods and beautiful leather work, with gnarly hand worked juniper elements to make truly unique pieces of furniture. When I am building I let the natural wood forms speak to me, therefore my pieces are usually slightly freeform or organic. I hope you enjoy my creations.